The Best Beaches in the World

There’s a reason Palawan has been voted one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

The beaches.

Since Palawan is the fifth largest island in the country, its coastline is rich with incredibly beautiful natural seascapes and landscapes. The most beautiful stretches of virgin white sands set against rows of palm forests are unlike any other beaches in the world. With crystal clear blue waters and reefs visible from the shoreline you’ll often feel like you live in a postcard. And El Nido is right in the center of it all.

El Nido Town Beach

Set on the north west side of the island, along the South China Sea, El Nido is home to spectacular limestone formations due to its place on the edge of the Eurasian Plate. The white cliff mountains make for the most breathtaking backdrop to any memorable vacation and one of the best places to view our unique coastline is walking distance from El Nido town center. 

On one end of the beach you have the Port Authority Dock where you can catch ferries to Corong and beyond. And on the other end of El Nido beach you have a scenic coastal road set just above shoreline giving you a full view of the treasured tourist town. 

The traditional Philippino boats anchored across the bay wait to take you on your island tours and trust us, this view never gets old. The town beach makes you feel fully immersed into the city and the culture. You’ll find kids playing frisbee and fishermen casting nets with the smell of adobo filling the air.

Caalan Beach, a Secluded Coastal Village

For a quiet and authentic beach set just outside the main town you’ll find Caalan at the end of a scenic road.

Here the tides can change up to 30 meters in one day giving rise to reefs and rocks teaming with life. There’s even a surf break about 100 meters from the shoreline and one of the best views of the famous Cadlao Island.



For the explorers we encourage you to brave the rocks at the end of Caalan Beach to discover secret virgin beaches and see where the locals build their barkas.

It’s also one of the best angles to catch the sun setting between the islands on the horizon.

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Corong Corong Beach, the perfect mix

A short walk from El Nido Town, just past the local produce market, you’ll find Corong Corong beach. Nestled between the limestone mountains and the iconic palm tree forests, this remote beach is the perfect mix. Here is where the local lifestyle meets the quiet tourist attraction. It’s much less crowded than town and still offers beachside restaurants and bars. 


You can enjoy a pizza while watching sunset at Bella Vita Restobar or buy a couple of San Miguel Pilsens at a local sari sari shop and go for a long walk. From this beach you can view the many islands of Bacuit Bay and the other side of the limestone mountain formation that towers over El Nido. This is also a great spot for kayaking to Seven Commandos and Papaya Beach, two of the most beautiful and hidden beaches in town. Both of which are only accessible by water. Another great sunset perspective with this western facing coastline.

Marimegmeg / Las Cabanas beach

And for one of the best sunset spots in town, walk down to the edge of the beach where the shoreline curves left, and enjoy the views of Las Cabanas Beach. 


Here you can see the breathtaking Pinagbuyutan Island and it’s a sight you won’t forget. You can spend the day here and never get bored because this beach really has it all. Kayak and SUP boards rentals are available all day as well as an island hopping zipline to Depeldet Island just in front. 


This is also a great snorkeling spot as you can see the edge of the reef especially during low tide. Just remember to wear reef safe sunscreen!


And lastly, just a 10 minute tricycle ride from El Nido Town, you’ll discover the famous Marimegmeg Beach as well as Las Cabanas Beach. 


These two beaches are actually right next to each other and respectfully named for their resorts overlooking the shore. Also called Vanilla Beach, after the shopping center you’ll enter the beach through from the main street. Marimegmeg is quickly becoming one of the most popular beaches in El Nido and can become quite crowded but like most tourist hotspots, it’s so worth it. Here, the water is turquoise and sandy and perfect for swimming. 


You can enjoy cocktails and a sunbed and at night there’s usually a lively bar scene. If you’re hoping to avoid the crowds, come early and you’ll be sure to catch a glimpse of sea turtles from the shore.


Nacpan Twin Beach

Nacpan and its twin beaches have been rated some of the top destinations in the world several years in a row. And the best part is, it’s only a 30 minute ride north from El Nido town. For those who are on a time crunch and want to get the most out of their vacation, this is the perfect day trip. There’s so much to do and see and it’s also family friendly.


The view of the twin beaches provides one of the most breathtaking backdrops no matter what time of the day. We promise you, this beach cannot be skipped! Traveling to Nacpan is super easy as well as scenic. We recommend going by scooter so you can best enjoy the gorgeous views of the limestone mountains and palm tree lined rice fields. You may also feel inclined to stop and take photos at every turn! It’s about a 16 kilometer drive along the paved national highway before you turn left down a now partially paved dirt road for another 4 kilometers. The journey there will definitely give you an insight into the island lifestyle of the locals. You will also pass by many cantine’s and sari sari shops along the way in case you need to stop for snacks or refreshments. If you leave early enough you can even explore one of the waterfalls along the way! Nagkalit-kalit Falls is an easy 30 minute hike and a great way to start the day and beat the crowds.


Don’t plan on doing it on the way back because once you find yourself sitting in a beach lounger with a coconut in your hand, you won’t want to leave without witnessing one of the best sunset spots in Palawan. Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted with a 4 kilometer stretch of golden sand and sparkling turquoise waters. Welcome to Nacpan.

The beach is spotted with restaurants and bars catering to all budgets and taste. You can enjoy a poolside cocktail at one of the resorts or a fresh coconut on the beach from one of the local vendors. There’s also a lively beachfront hostel if you’re traveling alone and looking to socialize. Kayak rentals are available and the small islands located just off the shore make a good spot to venture out and enjoy a different vantage point of the beach. However the waves can be intense sometimes, so maybe consider trying something new and renting a surfboard instead! Snorkeling along the fringe reef of the islands is a great experience too! There’s even a great underwater swim through for those who enjoy free diving hidden behind the closest island on the south end of Nacpan. If you happen to enjoy a night swim, be sure to look out for the bioluminescence. 

After you’ve explored Nacpan, walk down to the southernmost point of the beach to discover what all the hype is about. Here is where you’ll find Calitang Beach and together with Nacpan Beach they make up the infamous Twin Beach of Northern Palawan. It’s smaller than Nacpan but just as charming and more local. There’s a fishing village and local restaurants and bars that serve some of the freshest catches in town. In between the two beaches, there’s a small stretch of land leading to a grassy hill. Here you will discover a viewpoint that allows you to gaze down over the landscape of the two beaches and it truly is a mesmerizing combination.


The village is also worth taking a walk through. You can experience life in the Philippines from a perspective other than picturesque beaches and perfect sunsets. Be sure to try some of the local foods as well. Especially pandesal, a small Philippino bread roll that comes in many flavors. It’s the perfect snack and so affordable you’ll end up buying twenty.


Nacpan Beach really has it all! We know your time spent here will be one of the best parts of your trip. But beware, once is not enough. You’ll be planning your next visit before you leave the beach.